Kiss & Ride

The Kiss & Ride lane in front of St. Angela Merici Catholic school allows for the quick drop-off of students. Ideally, vehicles should be stopped for no more than a minute or two while students disembark onto the sidewalk in front of the school.

There is some risk if the Kiss & Ride lane is not used correctly. To keep everyone safe, please follow these directions:

  • DROP YOUR CHILDREN OFF IN THE DESIGNATED AREA ONLY (green area on the map below).

  • Pull up to the sidewalk in the designated area and have your children exit from the PASSENGER SIDE ONLY

  • If the Kiss and Ride lane is backed up, please proceed to the parking lot on the West side of the school (blue areas on the map below).
    DO NOT line up along McNaughton Ave waiting to turn into the Kiss and Ride.

  • The Kiss and Ride lane is NOT to be used for parking. DO NOT not leave your vehicle but advance as the vehicles ahead of you are leaving.

  • We are fortunate to have Ridge Kids Daycare as a partner. They have designated parking spots which we cannot use during pick up and drop off. There are parents who need these spaces to pick up their child from daycare. Please do not park in these spots.

Your support in keeping our students and families safe is important and we ask that you follow the rules as outlined above. The Kiss and Ride will work well if we all work together. For more details, please refer to our School Traffic Management Plan.